Name of Charity: JALON VALLEY HELP
Register number: G53546156

Contact name: Anna Cameron (Secretary)
Contact number: 616130816
Contact email address:

Calle de Mig, 3
Alcalalí 03728

Brief description:

– Our aims are: to provide advice, assistance and support to those in need; to provide neighbourly assistance to people who are ill, disabled or housebound; and to raise funds to support the most vulnerable in the community.

– We raise the necessary funds by running two charity shops and organising fund-raising events such as the May Fayre, the Christmas Bazaar, the Annual Auction at El Cid and many social events.

– We work in conjunction with other charities, organisations and HELPs in the Marina Alta to give assistance wherever needed.

Next event / news:

NEWS – We have just bought a van for the charity with donations from the local business community – when it is on the road it will carry the names of all those who have contributed.