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Telitec’s VoIP telephone service works in harmony with all our internet connections.

It offers our customers a great alternative way to make calls at very competitive rates, worldwide. This method of calling (VoIP) requires no landline and therefore removes the cost of line rental. This appeals to part-time residents, holiday homes and even full-time residents because of the savings. You have the choice to add a National number or even a non-geographical number (UK and EU) to your account.

The difference between Telitec VoIP and other similar services like Skype is that we prioritise the call traffic to ensure the best call quality available.

With Telitec VoIP you can also take it with you anywhere in the world and with any internet connection, enjoy the same low cost quality service.

  • Free Line Rental

  • Free Calls to Other Telitec VOIP Clients

  • Free 0844 Number

  • Use Existing Landline Number

  • Emergency Call Facility

For more information on any of the above services please complete the TELL ME MORE form on this page or alternatively call now on 965 743 473.