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Wireless Internet


No Landline, No Internet, No problem. Telitec’ s Wireless Internet Service is the answer. With nearly 15,000 customers and ever-increasing coverage, this is a great option if you live between Murcia and Valencia. This is our own Infrastructure and the largest in Spain supplied by a Fibre optic cabling, offering fast internet connections.

Telitec are the Longest established and Largest  Wireless Internet Provider in Spain

We built and maintain our own infrastructure from Valencia to Murcia.

Telitec’ s wireless service terminates on the super-fast Fibre Optic Network and guarantees some of the fastest speeds currently available. For many the joy of Broadband is not a possibility.

Wireless Plus

With advancing technology, Telitec endeavour to upgrade our Network and coverage. With greater speeds via our Wireless Plus you can now receive package of 55Mb

  • Full Technical Support in Your Language

  • Full, Part-time and PAYG Packages Available

  • Business Packages

  • Phone Service

For more information on any of the above services please complete the TELL ME MORE form on this page or alternatively call now on 965 743 473.