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Monthly Mobile Packages

Whether you are a residential or business mobile phone user, at Telitec we can save you €s on your monthly costs! With several ways of connecting you, covering all the Networks, Making sure you have the best signal were ever you live and giving you the best mobile phone deals in Spain. Sim only deal or with a new mobile phone, Telitec have the solution.

The switch to our mobile service is seamless – we’ll help you to keep your existing mobile number or provide a new mobile number from start to finish. Data and calls packages of all sizes to suit your data usage and budget; our experienced, multi-lingual staff will happily guide you through our packages and find the best one for you.

·         Packages with UNLIMITED Minutes

·         4G/5G Data Packages

·         National / International Calls

·         Calls & Data Packages from 4.90€ incl. iva per month

·         Monthly Billing (unlike other providers that bill every 28 days!)

·         Extensive Coverage 

·         No Connection Charges

·         Smart Mobile Phones available 

·         Easy to switch

For more information on any of the above services please complete the TELL ME MORE form on this page or alternatively call now on 965 743 473.