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Even with the distractions of living or holidaying in Spain, it can still be nice to catch up with TV from your home country. With an IPTV system, you can view TV in your own language from Spain using just a set top box and your internet connection.

With our set top boxes you can not only view UK freeview channels, but record and watch on catch-up too. Call us on 965 74 34 73 or fill out the ‘Tell Me More’ form and we’ll get in touch.


Want to enjoy UK TV in Spain with no ongoing charges?

You can get all your favourite free-to-view channels with just a one off fee and NO monthly fees with our satellite TV installations.

We have packages from additional countries too, such as Canal Digitaal and Vlaanderen Digitaal. Get in touch and we’ll advise you on the best system for you.

  • Free to View Channels

  • All Inclusive 1-off Fee (499€ incl. iva)

  • 1.4 Metre Dish

  • Extra Box if required 199.00€

  • Extra box includes Dual LNB / extra cabling etc.


It’s possible to receive TV in several languages in Spain, including Dutch. We are agents for Canal Digitaal, a major provider of Dutch TV in Spain through satellite.

If you’re looking for TV in your language, get in touch with Telitec and our team will advise you. Call or fill out the ‘Tell me More’ form on this page.

  • 3 HD packages to choose from, with a minimum of 56 channels

  • Installation from 387.95€ (+iva)

  • Catch-up packages available


We can also arrange for you to receive satellite Belgian TV in Spain.

We have several monthly packages on offer depending on how many channels you want – get in touch and we’ll talk you through the options. Call or fill out the ‘Tell Me More’ form on this page.

  • Option 1 installation: 387.95€ (+iva)

  • Option 2 (with 500GB recording and twin tuner) 647.95€ (+iva)

  • Installation includes: 80cm dish, LNB, steel bracket, 15m coax cable


Telitec can now offer French TV in Spain through a satellite connection with TNTSAT. The set top box has an easy-to-use electronic programme guide so you can surf over 25 channels in crystal clear HD.

If you’re looking for TV in French or another language, we can advise you. Call the office or fill in the ‘Tell Me More’ form on this page and we’ll get back to you.

  • 25+ HD channels in French

  • One-off install fee of 350€ (+iva)

  • Installation includes dish, set-top box, LNB, wall bracket & up to 15 mtr coax cable

For more information on any of the above services please complete the TELL ME MORE form on this page or alternatively call now on 965 743 473.