Many Ways To Connect To The Internet


If you do not have a landline in Spain, cannot get ADSL or are not happy with your current connection, then we may be able to help with our wireless internet service. With nearly 10,000 customers and ever-increasing coverage, this is a great option if you live between Murcia and Valencia. This is our own Infrastructure and the largest in Spain supplied by a fibre optic cabling, offering superfast internet. With packages starting from just 19,99€ per month.


If you are outside our wireless coverage or perhaps you already have a Telefonica landline or ADSL service in Spain, we have some great packages available. Even if you already have ADSL with another provider, why not take a look and see what we can offer. Don’t forget, all support and customer service is in your language!


If you need internet access on the move in Spain, then the mobile data service from Hits mobile is the perfect solution. A pay-as-you-go service without contract. Either on your smartphone or on your laptop/tablet via 3G


Only want an ADSL connection, then at Telitec we can offer this service. Availability is depending on area and using the fibre optic network you can now receive up to 30Mb


With downloads of up to 50Mb and uploads up to 4Mb connecting to the internet in Spain could not be faster. Simply plug in and connect; you can even take this service with you weather moving house or simply want to go to the beach and Surf!


Fast Internet Connection

Support In Your Language

Part-time Packages from €19.99


  • Full Technical Support in Your Language
  • Full, Part-time and PAYG Packages Available
  • Business Packages
  • VoIP Phone Services


We built and maintain our own infrastructure from Valencia to Murcia.

Telitec’s wireless service terminates on the super-fast fibre optic network and guarantees some of the fastest speeds currently available, even if you do not have a landline!

For many the joy of super-fast Broadband is not a possibility due to no landline, or distance from the Telefonica exchange. This means that those who do have a landline will experience a slow, poor ADSL service.

Telitec’s wireless broadband service makes these problems a thing of the past. Our internet is fast, reliable, and at the moment we are offering a FREE installation*! There has never been a better time to switch to our service!


Pay As You Go (Ideal for holiday homes or part-time residents)


*Fair use policy applies, up to 1000 free minutes per month to European landlines.

Have a Movistar Landline?

If you have a landline with Movistar and you route your calls through Telitec, we’ll give you a 5 € monthly discount! Why not move your line rental from Movistar to Telitec to save even more money?


Unlimited Usage

Combo Packages

FREE router

At Telitec we believe in giving you the best service we can for as little money as possible!  Our ADSL packages offer you a select choice of speed options, with full technical support in your language, customer account manager, tailor made to your requirements whether resident or business.

  • Up to 20Mb
  • Easy to Switch
  • Free Router
  • Combo Packages
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Full Technical Support


Line Rental Not Required

FREE Installation

Up to 30MB and  3MB Upload

Only want an ADSL connection, then at Telitec we can offer this service. Availability is depending on area and using the fibre optic network you can now receive up to 30Mb

  • No Landline required
  • Free install
  • Up to 30Mb and 3Mb Upload

This service is depending on area and infrastructure.


Packages From €3,90

No Contract

Invoices Online

  • No Contract
  • Auto Top up available
  • No Connection charges on Packages
  • Calls from 3 cents Spain and UK

Internet Connection PAYG

Not full time in Spain and only need a light usage, From just 3.00€ for 30 days Access. Don´t pay for what you don´t need.

Talk & Surf

Want it all? Talk & Surf the internet Package will give you just that!

With various packages giving you up to unlimited minutes & 2Gb to use calling both in Spain and anywhere in the world with no connection charge & connecting to the internet when you want.

Don´t worry if you can Talk & Surf more as over this your calls are only 1 cents for all.

  • No Contract.
  • No Hassle of topping up credit.


Unlimited Data Packages

Router & Sim 199.00€ incl. iva

Packages Starting from Only 25€ + iva per month

Please ask for more details

  • Up to 20Mb on 3G
  • Up to 55Mb on 4G
  • Access offered on 4G technology over licensed network providers
  • Minimum 12 month Contract
  • 7 – 10 working days delivery
  • Signal will depend on your area


Never Lose Important Docs

Worldwide Access


  • Access your photos/Documents worldwide from any computer
  • Never lose important information
  • Easy Set up

We just couldn’t believe how easy it is to keep all our precious memories safe and secure. Thank you Telitec.

Ken & Maureen, Cloud Customers


For just a second think of the worst: Your PC, Tablet or Laptop ‘Dies’, is Stolen, Damaged or becomes Infected!

What next? Chances are that you may have permanently lost important documents, photos, information, videos. The fact is in today’s World we sometimes forget just how much valuable, personal, ‘money can’t buy’ information would be lost if there is a problem with your computer or laptop.


I suppose that you may have heard of ‘cloud’? Well now it’s not just this fluffy white thing you see in the sky, it’s what techies are calling the ability for you to store all of your important photos / songs / videos / personal information, in fact almost anything that you currently store on your computer, in a ‘virtual’ second computer, so that if the worst was to ever happen then this information is permanently, safely, stored away in a literally nuclear bomb, and earthquake proof bunker!

On joining our services we will send you an email, simply click on the link and set up your Cloud.

Please note: All installation / initial costs and monthly fees are plus iva