Name: Society for the Care of Animals in Need

Charity Number: G 54585559

Nuecleo Zooilogico Site A -0417


Contact number: 626 550 864

Contact email

Poligono Industrial
Calle Alcoy , Esq Cremadella,
El Verger , 03770

Brief description:

All about S.C.A.N.
At S.C.A.N. we continuously work towards the achievement of the following Aims and Objectives, the:

  • RESCUE of animals in danger
  • CARE of the animals that we rescue
  • REHOMING of all the animals

To allow us to do this effectively we continuously strive to raise sufficient funds to enable SCAN to achieve its worthwhile objectives. We do this by working hard on increasing and retaining our membership base, thanks to the money raised from our wonderful members we have a solid foundation and support for our aims and objectives.

Throughout the year we hold a wide range of interesting and rewarding events, we have a great Charity Shop in El Verger were we sell a wide range of items, our shop is continuously in need of fresh quality items, these needs are met amazingly by our members and the general public.

In October 2012 we completed work on our new Animal Center in the Industrial Zone of El Verger this new venture allows SCAN to meet all of its aims and objectives, as an Adoption Centre the El Verger site has given a much needed boost to SCAN´s capabilities.

The money raised from Members, the Shop and our Events enables SCAN to manage to protect those Animals who come under its care. However we are aware that the need for resources will continue to grow as economic pressures beset the world and specifically in our case Spain. SCAN will not stop endeavoring to improve our capabilities and ability to care for abandoned and maltreated animals.

SCAN is currently developing a programme in conjunction with a local Veterinary Surgeon and the Ayuntamiento in El Verger which is designed to take an active role in the local college to help improve the awareness of animal health and safety and in doing so help achieve a cultural change in the outlook of the local population with regards to animal welfare.