3 Routes To Cheap Phone Calls

However they call, everyone wants to cut costs. Most people call by landline, mobile or over the internet (VoIP). Telitec can offer you unbeatable prices on all.


Cheap Landline Calls Spain

The most used method of making calls either here in Spain or worldwide. Calls from only 1 cent per minute, UK and Europe with no connection charge. Call instantly on this low cost call package.


Cheap Mobile Calls Spain

Call the UK or anywhere in Europe for Free. Cheapest mobile packages in Spain, with no contract.


Cheap VOIP Calls Spain

If you have an internet connection and no landline, just want to make calls over the internet or need an extra line, we have the service for you. Calls from 1 cent per minute with no connection charge. You can even take it with you and use anywhere worldwide.


Calls from 1c/min

Installation Service

Landline rental from €13.99 + IVA

Low cost line rental

Telitec can offer you the facility of moving your line rental away from Telefonica/Movistar. For a one-off line transfer fee of 15.00€ we can reduce your monthly line rental cost to only 13.99€ + IVA including all the extras Telefonica/Movistar charge you for.

The benefits of taking out Line Rental package include:

  • One monthly bill (no more Telefonica bills)
  • Keep your existing number
  • All support is in English
  • Personal Account Manager
  • 0844 number for family and friends to call you in Spain at the local call rate

Call packages to suit you

Just tell us where you call, from the UK to Australia to Hong Kong, and we’ll provide the lowest rates for you to call that destination! Choose ANY country in Western Europe and we will give you calls to this destination at just 1 cent/min forever *(subject to 5€ per month.)
No more pre-paid scratch cards, no connection charges and all call rates are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Low Cost Calls
  • FREE 0844 number
  • Calls from 1 cent per min*
  • Calls worldwide
  • No connection charge
  • Per second billing
  • Rates are 24 / 7 / 365


International Call Packages

Calls, Text, Data

Keep Your Existing Number



Whether you are a residential or business mobile phone user, at Telitec we can save you €, €‚ €’s on your monthly costs! With our pay-as-you-go service from Hits Mobile (Vodafone Network), we offer you the cheapest call rates in Spain from your mobile. The switch to Hits mobile service is seamless, to change from your current provider or even have a brand new number. You can take your existing number with you and our experienced, multi-lingual staff will happily guide you through the process; whether this be from an existing contract or pay-as-you-go pre-pay service.

Telephony Services

New Number

Need a new number? no problem. We can provide you with a new Spanish mobile number with calls from 3 cents per minute, here in Spain or international.

  • Free calls and internet connections available.
  • No Contract.
  • Auto Top up available.
  • In your own language.
  • Contact us for more info and full details.

Porting Number

Don’t lose your current Spanish mobile number, keep your number and connect with us within as little as 48 hours, just provide us the details and we will take care of it all.

    • Calls from as little as 3 cents per minute, free calls and internet connections available.
    • No Contract.
    • Auto Top up available.
    • In your own language.
    • Contact us for more info and full details.

Official Distributor

  • PAYG
  • FREE calls*
  • Calls from 1 cent
  • No Contract
  • Auto Top Up
  • Latest Mobile Phones
  • Easy to Switch
  • Calls, Data & Text Packages
  • No Connection Charges

Data Services

Internet Connection PAYG

Not full time or low internet usage on your smartphone mobile? Access from just 3.00€ for 30 days.

Talk, Surf & Text

Want it all? Talk, Surf & Text: this package will give you just that!

With packages giving you 1000 minutes, text messages & 2GB – to use calling anywhere in the world with no connection charge & connecting to the internet whenever you want.

  • No Contract.
  • Auto Top up available.

Talk & Surf

These Packages start from just 8.20€ (9.90€ incl. iva) up to packages giving you 1,500 minutes & 2Gb – to use calling anywhere in the world with no connection charge & connecting to the internet whenever you want, for as little as 28€ (33.90€ incl. iva)

  • No Contract.
  • Auto Top up available.

Just Surf Package

This is the perfect package if you use the internet more than you call, with packages starting from only 3.90€ for 30 days.

  • Calls from only 1 cents per minute.
  • No Contract.
  • Auto Top up available.


No line rental

Plugs straight into any router

Spanish 96 or UK number

  • FREE 0844 Number
  • No line rental
  • FREE calls to other Telitec VOiP customers*
  • Spanish landline number*
  • FREE EU calls*
  • Free Voicemail Service

Telitec’s VoIP telephone service works in harmony with our wireless internet connection service or any other standard Internet connection.

It offers our customers a great alternative way to make calls at very competitive rates, worldwide. This method of calling (VoIP) requires no landline and therefore removes the cost of line rental. This appeals to part-time residents, holiday homes and even full-time residents because of the savings. You have the choice to add a National number or even a non-geographical number (UK and EU) to your account.

The difference between Telitec VoIP and other similar services like Skype is that we prioritize the call traffic to ensure the best call quality available.

With Telitec VoIP you can also take it with you anywhere in the world and with any internet connection, enjoy the same low cost quality service.

Never miss a call with the VoIP Voicemail Service!

In addition, our VoIP service offers FREE voicemail accessible via your email. So you never need to miss a call. If you are away from home, it means that you can easily pick up your messages. The message is sent as an audio attachment that you can listen to from any PC or laptop which has speakers or headphones.


Local Spanish Landline Number

Add a local Spanish landline number and receive 300 minutes to Western European landlines FREE.


Telitec to Telitec customers on our VOIP service can call each other FREE 24 / 7 / 365.

*You must dial the account number NOT the telephone number to enjoy free calls between Telitec VoIP customers.

Please note: All installation / initial costs and monthly fees are plus iva