LTE … Long-Term Evolution is the latest service available with Telitec

lte-icon-copiaThis is a high speed wireless internet connection. With our own Infrastructure this service transmits the 4G wireless service with unlimited packages via an antenna that is installed on your property. This service will require an initial site survey to check you have clear line of sight to one of our transmitters.

Advantages over standard Wi-Max systems

  1. Dedicated Frequencies
  2. Faster download speeds
  3. Faster upload speeds


Fully installed, including Wi-Fi Router & VoIP 150.00€ + Iva (181.50€ incl. Iva)


12 Month contract with an option to suspend. Minimum 6 months per year, parking fee of 10€ + Iva per month calendar month (12.10€ incl. Iva)


12Mb (11/1)

Incl.96 No. & 100 mins EU Landlines
39.99€ P/M

48.40€ incl. Iva

24Mb (22/2)

Incl. Fixed IP, 96 No. & 200 mins EU Landlines
59.99€ P/M

72.60€ incl. Iva

48Mb (44/4)

Incl. Fixed IP, 96 No. & 300 mins EU Landlines
79.99€ P/M

96.80€ incl. Iva