We can help make your company more profitable 

Here at Telitec we pride ourselves with not only supplying and saving the individual money on their telecommunications but also Businesses. We have a range of service and products that will enhance your clients experience and save you money. Along with referral, agent and partnership schemes to help you generate more business.

When you run a company very often the basic speeds available to you on ADSL or Wireless internet are just not enough.

When time is money, speed does matter. At Telitec we offer faster synchronised speed connections up to 50Mb on our wireless internet or Naked ADSL up to 30Mb/3mb packages, with constant monitoring, priority tickets with both technical and customer service departments, it´s time to get serious about your internet as you are with your business.


Never Lose Important Documents

Worldwide Access


  • Access your photos/Documents worldwide from any computer
  • Never lose important information
  • Easy Set up

Imagine having your business files available to you on your office computer, your laptop and your smartphone. Imagine being able to access those documents, securely, from any internet connected computer, anywhere in the world. Imagine if you could do that on a PC or a Mac. This functionality is baked-in to our cloud backup service which means you will never be without your important data ever again!

FREE TRIAL FOR ALL, even if you are not with Telitec



Integrated Telephony

For Your Business

With a PBX system you can decide how to process your incoming calls, with a virtual receptionist, voicemail and much more, you never miss a call.

Getting your phone and internet services right is very important and at Telitec we understand this. Each business has its own needs and requirements and with an initial site visit we make sure that you make the right choice.

Our ‘State of the Art’ PBX systems can give you the public presence that your business needs and deserves. You do not have a second chance at making a first impression. How a potential customer views your business when making contact with you is very often the deciding factor in whether they subsequently use your services or products, or not.

  • Virtual Receptionist / Switchboard
  • Never miss a call
  • Professionally installed

Our PBX (switchboards) offer your business the following features and services

  • Fantastic call rates worldwide
  • Virtual Reception
  • Call Groups / rotation / order
  • Free calls Telitec to Telitec including international
  • Call divert in the event that you are busy / unable to take a call
  • Voicemail to Email in the event of busy / unable to take a call
  • Geographic numbers (example: UK landline 0208 / Spanish landline 96)
  • Non-Geographic numbers (example: 0845)
  • Fax to email
  • View your calls online
  • Music on hold


Delivering a user friendly

browsing experience on mobile

Choose your package and be in control.

With some 50% of users accessing the Internet from their mobile devices, it’s astonishing that only 6% of businesses have their websites optimised to be mobile friendly.

A mobile site is easy to navigate and allows your mobile visitors to find the information they need without needing to pan, swipe or pinch the screen.

Contact us today for a no obligation preview of what your site could look like optimised for mobile devices.

  • Quick Load Times
  • Simple Navigation
  • Click To Call
  • Mobile Maps


Effective, Reliable

& Good Value!

  • Virus Scanning
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Instant Account Activation

A web hosting service allows individuals and businesses to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.

With 3 Different Packages Telitec Have It All…

Please note: All installation / initial costs and monthly fees are plus iva